What readers are saying

From Stockholm: 

“Ifor’s book provides a personal and up-front perspective on what he has seen in the practice of cluster mobilization and management. Ifor has over two decades been following the evolution of cluster practice as an active participant. A truly global traveller, he has worked with cluster groups around the world, gaining insights on what works, and what doesn’t. 

The book opens the door into his uniquely broad treasure chest of experiences. It is hugely valuable to cluster initiative managers all over the globe in their journey of organizing joint action to raise the competitiveness of their clusters.”
Dr. Christian Ketels, Harvard Business School and President, The Competitiveness Institute

From Barcelona: 

“It is different from most of the texts on clusters and economics in general. The title could not be more appropriate: a real go-to handbook. The dozens of quotes are very valuable. A must-have book for all cluster practitioners.” 
Alberto Pezzi, Director of Competitive Strategy Division, ACC1Ó, Directorate General for Industry, Government of Catalonia, Spain

From North Carolina:

“A wonderful job of capturing the essence of clusters and-more importantly-what to do with/for them.  Easy to read, follow, and useful. “  
Dr. Stuart Rosenfeld, Founder, Regional Technology Strategies Inc., USA

From Chihuahua: 

“It is the reference guide for our current cluster work. It actually works as a manual, in contrast to other works that never get into the real 'How'. It is full of 'pearls of wisdom' on practical matters. An outstanding and uncommon feature is the use of crowdsourcing by bringing along so many contributors with comments and valuable pieces of advice. On top of it, the amount of research material and sources makes the work truly monumental. I'm sure that on every new visit I'll find more valuable ideas and concepts.”
Alonso Ramos Vaca, VP, Chihuahua Economic Development, Mexico

From Cape Town:  

“Ifor is, without doubt, the world’s leading cluster ‘artist’, combining decades of research and hands-on management with an oversight of hundreds of initiatives on every continent. Ifor is the ‘Godfather’ to our programme, guiding the 1998 launch of the first cluster, the Cape IT Initiative, and subsequently helping to shape the agenda at critical points.  

Without his wisdom and guidance, and the practical approach as contained in the 12 Steps, it would almost certainly not have gained the traction that it has. This book fills an important gap in the cluster literature. It is invaluable to any practitioner interested in the ‘art’ of clustering.” 
Nigel Gwynne-Evans, Director, Department of Economic Development, Western Cape Government, South Africa

From Newfoundland:  

“A welcome addition to the sources available on cluster building. It has been used extensively as a ‘virtual benchmark’ to assess our strategies and activities against best practices set out in the handbook.”
Les O'Reilly, Executive Director, Oceans Advance cluster, Canada

From the Netherlands: 

“A lot of practical tips and tricks within the structure of the 12 Steps. What I like most … the examples from all over the world, avoiding a European or American focus. Not many people can do this.” 
Frank Eetgerink, Manager, East Netherlands Development Agency